I'm often accused of living in the past, but I treasure my memories of growing-up in a time and place that no longer exists - the mythical land of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Cinema has in the past and will in the future, shape our culture. It is a medium that is terribly underrated by most people today. Sadly, the films and the luminaries who participated in them from that bygone time have left out collective consciousness. With few examples today, it is those films of yesterday that hold value for me. 

I thought I'd share a few photos of the many I have of some of the people I had the pleasure of knowing. Most are gone now, but their cinematic legacy will be there forever for those who care to find it. Some I knew but never got around to asking (Clark Gable and John Wayne come to mind) - but for the rest, take a step back in time and enjoy a visit with some friends and acquaintances who I hope will become, on film at least, friends of yours too.

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Mary Astor 
Fairbanks, Jr. 
Eddie Cantor 
Sophie Tucker 
Helen Hayes 
Bette Davis 
Herbert Marshall 
Ray Milland 
Hedy Lamarr 
Vivien Leigh 
Laurence Olivier 
Jean Simmons 
Jane Powell 
Gene Kelly 
Debbie Reynolds 
Donald O'Connor 
Kathryn Grayson 
Ann Miller 
Donna Reed 
Walter Wanger, producer 
Ernest Borgnine 
Nunnally Johnson , writer 
Jane Wyman 
Ronald Reagon 
Nancy Davis  
Barbara Stanwyck 
Edward G. Robinson 
Lucille Ball 
George Burns & Gracie Allen 
Jack Benny 
Fred Astaire 
Ginger Rogers 
Walter Pidgeon
Greer Garson 
Richard Thorpe 
Sally Eilers & Richard Arlen 
Hildegard Knef 
Richard Rodgers, songwriter 
Lana Turner 
Jennifer Jones 
Bing Crosby 
Dorothy Lamour 
Bob Hope 
Ava Gardner 
Frank Sinatra 
James Stewart
Jack Lemmon 
Gregory Peck
Robert Mitchum 
Cary Grant
James Cagney 
Mae West 
Rita Hayworth 
Rhonda Fleming 
Maureen O'Hara 
James Dean 
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